About Odell


If you drive about 10 minutes south of Hood River you will end up in Odell. Odell is also known as the Mid-Valley area and consists of about 2 square miles.

Odell is a very small town and has a few stores available. There is a small grocery store, gas station, hardware store, and a few restaurants. If you like good Mexican food you will enjoy Michoacán.

When you arrive at Odell you will start to really notice Hood River County’s agriculture business.  Odell is surrounded with Orchards and downtown you will see the 3 packing facilities for the orchardists. 

One of the two middle schools in Hood River County is located in Odell, Wy’ East Middle School.  The middle school is also the host of Hood River County’s fair in July. Also near downtown Odell is Mid-Valley Elementary School.