Home Warranty

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a service contract that helps protect against unexpected repairs or replacements . There are different home warranty programs. Make sure you check which systems and items are covered under the warranty plan you choose. Typically a home warranty costs around $450. When you purchase a home warranty for yourself, you are purchasing a warranty for the listing period (up to a year) and also 1 year coverage for the buyer. The fee is owed only when the property is sold. If your property does not sell, nothing is owed.

Should I Buy a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is not required, but I would recommend purchasing one. It can help cut down on unexpected costs. Also, buyers are increasingly requesting sellers to purchase them a home warranty. You might as well protect yourself during the listing contract at no additional cost. Purchasing a home warranty can also help with potential issues the buyer may have and may help in negotiations. For example if the inspector says the hot water system is towards the end of its life, a warranty may help a buyer feel more confident about purchasing your home knowing that if it goes out, they will be protected.


"When I recently sold a home on 22nd street in Hood River we had a home warranty in place. Right before closing the water heater went out completely and created pretty large expense and the home warranty covered it without a problem and both buyers and sellers were happy happy .. so was their agent.. ME! " ~ Kris Kendall

"I purchased a home which was built in 1992. When the home inspection was completed, the inspector informed me that all the appliances were in working order but the hot water heater and the heat pump were at the end of their average life. Instead of replacing the items which were working fine, the seller purchased a home warranty. During the 2.5 years I owned the home (I renewed my home warranty), I used the warranty to replace a heating element in the hot water heater, fix a leak from the shower on the second the floor, replace a heating element on cook top, replace the display panel on my oven, and fix my heat pump which was not working properly. My home warranty more than paid for itself!” ~Ashley Nunamaker-Bello

"I have used HSA home warranty coverage for three clients whom have specifically needed and reported their gratitude for having had a home warranty. The usage has ranged from repair/replacing a washer to  major claims involving potential water damage. All of these clients have reported to have had a positive, hassle free experience!" ~ Devery Broddie