Showing Your Home

Once your house is listed for sale, you await for buyers to request appointments to view your home. Our office or your agent will call you to schedule a showing based on the showing the instructions you requested. Do not be surprised if an agent asks for a window of time in which they may show your home. This is very common especially if they are looking at more than just your home. The following are some guidelines for showings:
          Be as Flexible as Possible
Try to allow short notice showings. Real estate agents showing your home will try to give you as much notice as they can, but with real estate this isn’t always possible. Keep in mind that although it may be the most convenient for you to have your home showed while you are away at work, buyers looking at your home may have that same work schedule where afternoons and weekends may be the only time that works for them. 
          Pick Up & Clean Up
This may seem like common sense. Try to clean up the best you can before showings. Also on the flip side think twice about turning down a showing because your home is not perfect. One helpful tip is keep an empty box, chest, drawer, or laundry basket where you can quickly pick stuff up in case you do get a last minute showing. You never know when someone may call and want to see your home. Try to be as tidy as possible. 
          Open Blinds and Curtains
Let the sunlight in! Buyers are also curious about what views the home has to offer. Make it easy for a buyer to see.
          Turn on Lights
If you turn on the lights before a showing it will help the real estate agent showing it focus more on the showing then worrying about how to turn on lights so the buyers can see.
          Remove Animals
If possible remove any pets even if they are friendly. They can still distract buyers while they are looking at your house. Also some buyers may be allergic or kids may be scared of the animal which deters people from really taking a good look at your property.
          Keep a Comfortable Temperature
Keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In the winter leave the heat on and in the summer keep the air conditioning going (or try to keep it cool, if you don’t have air conditioning). If the home is an uncomfortable temperature the buyer will most likely hurry through the home and at the top of their mind they will be thinking about how cold or hot it is rather then the amenities the home has.  
          Leave for the Showing
Let the agent show the property. It is hard for a buyer to truly look at a home while the owner is present. If a buyer is interested they will want to open doors and really look at the features the home has to offer. However, if you are there they may resist really taking a good look because they feel like they are invading your privacy. Most guests you have into your house will not just open up a door because they are curious, they will ask if they can look. With an owner being present a buyer may feel like they should ask whether it’s ok to open doors or feel like they are intruding on your day and should hurry.
          Put Away All Valuables/Jewelry/Medications
When your home is being shown a real estate agent will be present. However, they cannot watch every little step the buyer takes in your home. Lock up and put away any valuables you are concerned about or that can easily be taken.
          Beware of Scents
Be conscious of smells in your home. Do not overdue air fresheners, cook smelly food, even beware of the odor of cleaning products. You don’t want to make it obvious to buyers you are trying to hide a smell, and keep in mind some people are allergic to fragrances. If needed open up windows and let some fresh air in.
          Take out the Garbage
Garbage naturally can cause some smells. It’s an easy chore to do before a showing.
          At Night Turn The Porch Light on
Make it easy for buyers to see where they are going. Also this is a big help to the agent to help see where to put the key to open up your home. It also gives the home a warm inviting feel. Remember in the winter months it gets dark early!